Genius loci
Our task was to develop an online environment that would improve the provision of public service in Viljandi (city in Estonia). It is meant to showcase the importance of service design in the context of public service, and as such is a pilot project.

The main obstacles of public service provision from a citizen point-of-view are lack of information and seeming lack of accountability on the part of officials. Public officials on the other hand fret about repeat questions that need to answered again and again. Our proposal envisions an authenticated public forum, where queries and problems are public, and answers as well as solutions to problems are easily searchable. 

The environment reduces the amount of FAQ that officials have to deal with, leaving it to citizens to help themselves based on prievious answers while making officials accountable as their answers to queries are public and can be commented upon.

This graph illustrates the flow of information that makes the website relevant and usable. As this concept has not been used in its full potential, I am not allowed to display the whole mechanics behind it.
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